1.     Login by DDO

All the DDOs in Haryana State have been given User IDs in Budget Allocation and Monitoring System. The DDOs have to use the same User ID and Password in eSalary Software also. First of all a DDO has to double click on the icon given on the desktop of his computer, to open Internet Explorer. In the address bar he has to write the, the official website of Treasuries and Accounts Department will appear. On this page look for the link given for eSalary software. By clicking on this link DDO will be redirected to the website of eSalary. On the eSalary website DDO will see the Login page like this -->

DDO has to give his Budget Allocation and Monitoring System’s User ID here in front of ‘Enter User Name’ and the same Password, which he has been using in BAMS in front of ‘Enter Password’. After this he has to select the financial year in which he wants to work. And at last he has to enter the five digit random number given in a green box, in the box given in front of ‘Enter Code’. He has to click on ‘Login’ button to log into his account after he has done the above steps.



2.     Edit User Profile

On first time when he will login the screen ‘Edit User Profile’ will appear.

On this page he will see his Profile, which has been created in BAMS. He can Enter/Update his Profile information, like he can give his current designation or he can change the name and designation and other information as well, if the information displayed here relates to the person who was having the charge of DDO before him. He can give his email Id and Mobile number also. DDO registration No. and his DTO registration No. are being displayed, these are not required to be entered. DDO TAN No. as allotted by Income Tax Deptt. to a DDO is also required to be entered.


On entering the TAN No. a confirmation dialogue box will appear, in which TAN No. and Name, TAN Name and address will be shown, DDO has to confirm that all the information shown in this box is correct and related to him, for this he has to click on the ‘Confirm’. If the information displayed does not relate to him, he has to click on ‘Cancel’ button. By this the wrong TAN No. entered will be cleared and the DDO has to re-enter the TAN No.

3.     Creation of Maker Password

At last he has to enter Maker’s Password. Maker is the person who will make all the entries in the software on behalf of DDO and DDO is Checker. Maker can log into the software with the same User Id which is used by DDO to log into the software. Like here the DDO’s User ID is “ddotaa2”. So the User ID for Maker also will be “ddotaa2”. The difference will only be of the Passwords. The DDO will login by his User ID and password allotted to him in BAMS whereas the Maker will login by DDO’s User ID and Maker Password, which is to be created by DDO in his ‘Edit User Profile’ on his first log into the software. At the end of the editing of User Profile DDO will give Maker Password and will re-enter the same password to confirm it. At last he will click on ‘Update Profile’ button.

4.     Allotment of UCP for EPS

The person entering data or Maker will login the website from DDO’s User id and the password assigned by DDO to him, from the same login page. The following screen will appear.

In Maker’s login every page will have a label “Maker” on its top left side, under the ‘Employee’ Menu, whereas in Checker’s login “Checker/DDO” will appear in its place. On this page Maker will place the cursor on Employee Menu and all the options of this Menu will be visible.

The first option in this Menu is ‘Allotment of Unique Code for Payee(UCP for EPS)’. This option of allotment of UCP is to be used only for those cases where UCP has not already been allotted for EPS by the Treasury.  It is also possible that due to some technical reasons this facility is not enabled for the time being. In such cases, DDO should approach Treasury for allotment of UCP. Further, in case the employee is not having any PAN, then only Treasury Office can allot the UCP and so the DDO should contact Treasury Office for the same. In case the facility is enabled then by clicking on this option user will see this screen:--

In this page user has to fill all the information of a payee, which is required for UCP generation like Name, Payee Type--- Employee, Others, Third Party.


The option Employee has further 2 options—GPF and NPS.


If the employee has GPF then his GPF series and GPF No. is to be filled.

On entry of GPF No. the user has to confirm the detail of the GPF No. displayed on the screen.


By clicking on ‘Confirm’ button, the GPF detail window will disappear and by clicking on ‘Cancel’ GPF No. entered will be cleared.

And in case the employee is on deputation in Haryana Govt. then the Maker will click on the checkbox given against the line “On Deputation from Govt. of India or Other State.” à

By clicking on this checkbox, the GPF Series will be disabled by showing the value ‘HRDEPUTE’ and the Maker has to enter only GPF Number in the box given for this purpose.

And if the employee selects NPS then the PRAN No. is mandatory to be filled.

On entring PRAN No. a confirmation dialogue box will appear containing the detail of the PRAN No. entered by the user.

Like GPF No. confirmation, PRAN confirmation is also required. After this the PAN number is to be filled, which is also mandatory.

The last section of this page is Bank A/c Detail. There is a checkbox given in front of Bank A/c Detail. If the user hasn’t the IFSC code of the bank branch, in which the payee has his account, he has to click on this checkbox. By clicking on this checkbox the IFSC code and MICR code boxes will be disabled and all the lists like State, district, bank name, bank address will be enabled for the selection.


Otherwise, the user will enter the IFSC code of the bank branch and all the disabled lists will show the information related to that IFSC code.

As you will press Tab button on your keyboard after entering the IFSC code, all the information of this IFSC code will appear in the lists given below.

Now user will enter Payee’s Bank A/c number and also the code given in green box.

At the bottom of the page before clicking the ‘Submit Detail’ button, user has to confirm the detail entered by him, that all the entries made by him are correct. If there is any discrepancy he should not confirm the detail by clicking on the checkbox, given for this purpose. In this case the Maker may contact at the helpline number 9467630333 or the helpline number/email as mentioned at login screen.

Otherwise, he will click on this ‘confirm’ checkbox and then will submit the detail by clicking on ‘Submit Button’. The message will appear on the screen regarding the Unique Code allotted to the Payee.

In case the user enters PAN, GPF No., Pran or Bank a/c no. which is related to any other Employee, by mistake, and clicks on the button ‘Submit Detail’, then a window will appear.


“A Payee with same detail exists”. He has to click on ‘Use This Detail’ button and change the Bank Details (if needed). The Payee will be registered against him.


The UCP of this Payee will remain the same which was allotted to him by another DDO, and the Payee will be registered with the same UCP, with the new DDO as well.

After entering the detail of all Payees, Maker will get the printout of the Report ‘Payees’ List for Verification’.     For this purpose he will select ‘Payee Reports’ à ’Payees’ List for Verification’.

By clicking on the second option in ‘Payee Reports’, the report ‘Payees’ list for verification’ will be generated.

The Maker will put his signatures at the place given for the ‘Signatures of Employee entering data’ and hand over the report to Verifying Official. Verifying Official will then check and verify the details of the employee from PART-A and PART-B of form ES-2 and will rectify the mistakes done by the Maker, by red ink, on the List of Unverified Payees.  All these Payees are required to be verified by the Checker in his login before entering their Personal Detail. For this purpose Checker will log into the site using his User ID and password.

While he will place the cursor on ‘Employee’ Menu, all the options will be visible. To verify the Payee Detail for EPS he will click on the first option.

The list of unverified Payees will appear on the screen with a link for ‘View Detail’ in front of each.

By clicking on the link given he can have a view of Payee Detail.

If all the information is not correct, user has to click on the checkbox given in front of the information found incorrect and then he will click on ‘Not Verify’ button.


If he doesn’t checks any checkbox before clicking on ‘Not Verify’ button, a message will appear:--


If the Checker clicks on ‘Not Verify’ button, the Payee Detail will not be verified. Now the Maker has to login from his Password and he has to select the option ‘Edit Payee Detail for EPS’ and then Payee’s Name from the list of Unverified Payees.


He will select the Payee’s name whose detail is to be updated. And the Maker will see a red outline, on the field, in which correction is required.

He will edit the detail and will click on the button ’Update EPS Detail’.

Now in DDO’s Login when he will ‘View Detail’ of the same Payee.

All the fields edited by the Maker will be shown with red background. DDO needs to verify the details after ensuring the correctness of this data.

If complete detail of the Payee is correct then user will click on ‘Verify’ button.

And record will be verified and will disappear from the list of Payees to be verified.