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1 Challan Form (General)
2 Challan Form (for Commercial Taxes)
3 Travelling Allowance Bill
4 Medical Bill
5 Abstract Contingency
6 Annexure S1 - Allotment of PRAN in NPS
7 Bank detials mandatory in the subscriber registration form (S1 form) of NPS
8 Form 101-GS-NPS-Withdrawal Form for Normal Superannuation
9 Form 102-GP-NPS-Withdrawal Form for exiting before the age of Normal Superannuation
10 Form 103-GD-NPS-Withdrawal Form by claiment due to the death cases
11 Form-401-AN-NPS-Annexure for Nomination Details in case of death of subscriber
12 Annexure B1-NPS - Documents to be enclosed with the application of withdrawal
13 Annexure N3 & Annexure N4 - DDO Registration Form with forwarding application for New Pension Scheme
14 Operationalisation of the New Pension Scheme (NPS) for State Autonomous Body