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    General Order
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    Order of Sh. Vipin Yadav, Assistant Treasury Officer, Charki Dadri dated 04.06.2021
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    Order of Sh. Satish Kumar Yadav, Assistant Treasury Officer Bawal (Rewari) dated 04.06.2021
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    Regarding order of Sh. Rammi.S.Malik Treasury Officer (H.Q.) dated 29.04.2021
    Accessible Version : View(350 KB)
    Regarding order of Sh. Virender Kumar Section officer dated 06.03.2021
    Accessible Version : View(671 KB)
    Regarding order of Sh. Naveen, Clerk dated 03.03.2021
    Accessible Version : View(423 KB)
    Regarding Order of Sh. Sarwan Kumar , Sector officer dated 26.02.2021
    Accessible Version : View(491 KB)
    Regarding order of Sh. Sandeep Chaudhary, Treasury Officer Nuh (Mewat) dated 26.02.2021
    Accessible Version : View(248 KB)
    Regarding order of Sh. Amit Kumar, Assistant Treasury Officer Meham (Rothak) dated 26.02.2021
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    Promotion order of Assistant Treasurers to District Treasurer dated 30.01.2021
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    Regarding order for Additional charge/cancellation of additional charge of section officers dated 12.01.2021
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    Regarding joining order of Smt. Rachna Rajender Singh dated 07.10.2020
    Accessible Version : View(2 MB)
    Regarding Transfer order of Sh. Rajkumar, Assistant dated 28.09.2020
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