Treasury Related Instructions

    Treasury Related Instructions
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    सहायक के पद पर स्टनिंत्रण आधार पर नियुक्ति। dated 24.05.2023
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    Employee consent for re-verifying profile for Clerks and Assistants (Treasury Cadre) in the list enclosed dated 17.05.2023
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    Employee consent for re-verifying profile for Accounts Officers (SAS Cadre) in the list enclosed dated 17.05.2023
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    Employee consent for verifying profile and Merit Points for Transfer Drive (Section Officers and Accounts Officers (SAS Cadre), Clerks and Assistants (Treasury Cadre).
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    Regarding delegation of power for correction in the First name of UCP to Treasury Officer dated 29.03.2023
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    Gradation list of Assistant as on 31.07.2020
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    शकायक के पद पर शतानांतरण आधार पर नियुकित dated 29.03.2023
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    Opening of Treasury Banks till late night on 31.03.2023
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    Instructions regarding re-appropriation of fund request and submitting of bills in Treasury in month of March 2023.
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    Regarding Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Signature on Fly Solution using e-Token for IFMS, Haryana dated 10.02.2023
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    Click to download Aadhar Enable Bio-metric Attendance System Software dated 16.11.2022 Software Link
    Click here for training registration on NPS in online mode. Google Form Link
    Training on NPS in Online Mode.
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    Click for fill google form of Weekly Progress Report (WPR) of Treasury Officer/Assistant Treasury Officer. . Google Form Link
    Regarding implementation of Digitization of e-Vouchers for other kinds of bills (except salary bills) dated 25.07.2022
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    Regarding Updating data in e-Post dated 08.06.2022
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    Instruction regarding submission of Bills in State Treasuries
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    Workshop regarding implementation of HRMS on 16.06.2022
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    Implementation of ‘Create new Post’ module in e-Post sanctioning system dated 08.06.2022
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    Regarding Ambassador and Champion model for Nodal offices implementing National Pension System (NPS) in the State Government sector.
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    Opening of Treasury/Sub-Treasury on 02.06.2022.
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    Regarding Online submission of GPF Final Payment Cases involving claim by family members/nominee through Form PF-10 of GPF through existing Online Dairy Management System (O.D.M.S) dated 28.03.2022
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    Regarding operation of Minor Head 123 and 109 below Major Head-8443 through e-Billing system dated 25.02.2022
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    Implementation of Digitization of e-Voucher for Pension on pilot basis dated 25.02.2022
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    Opening of Treasury Bank till late night on 31.03.2022
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    Disbursement of Pay & Allowances/pension to the Haryana Govt. employees/Pensioners for the calendar year 2022 dated 22.02.2022
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    Regarding Online Submission of GPF final payment dated 12.11.2020
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    To Depute district in-charge regarding all the matters related to Finance Department in all the districts dated 17.12.2021
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    Dubious payments made buy the DDO (code 1221) O/o Executive Engineer, Public Health Department in Charkhidadri
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    Section Officers are given additional charge of the offices in addition to their present duties dated 30.09.2021
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    Clarification regarding regulation for the Haryana State Subordinate Accounts Services(HSAS) Examination( Ordinary Branch), 2021.
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    Syllabus for Local Audit Part-II Examination (LAD – II), 2021
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    Terms and Conditions for candidates for applying at the time for Haryana Subordinate Accounts Service Examination (Ordinary Branch/Local Audit Department)
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    Haryana Subordinate Accounts Service Examination (HSAS), Part-I & II (OB/LAD) dated 27.08.2021
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    Revision of regulation for Haryana State Subordinate Accounts Services (HSAS) Examination (Ordinary Branch), 2021
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    Status of Revised Pension Cases pertain to Government of Haryana Finance Department dated 30.06.2021
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    Regarding order of Smt. Vimlesh Kumari, Assistant dated 15.06.2021
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    Disbursement of one month salary in lieu of LTC for Government employees dated 04.06.2021
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    Regarding updating data in e-Posting dated 22.04.2021
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    Non collection of demand draft/bankers cheques by departments and submission of bills by unauthorized persons dated 20.04.2021
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    New Death withdrawal Functionality (NPS) dated 16-04-2021
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    Instruction regarding re-appropriation of fund request and submitting of bills in Treasury in month of March, 2021 dated 05.03.2021
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    Deduction of Interest against A.G.B.T. after 05/2017- Accounting of interest on Long Term Advances dated 05.03.2021
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    Clarification regarding acceptance of bills dated 04.03.2021
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    Opening of Treasury banks till late night on 31.03.2021 dated 04.03.2021
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    Instruction regarding re-appropriation of fund request and submitting of bills in Treasury in month of March, 2021 dated 02.02.2021
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    Proceedings of the meeting held through video conference on 24.12.2020 under the chairmanship of Sh. T.V.S.N Prasad, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to Government Haryana, Finance Department to review functions of Treasuries and SAS Cadre dated 25.01.2021
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    Scheme for payment of pension through e-pension system – Submission of life certificate extension thereof dated 29.12.2020
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    Scheme for payment of pension through e-pension system – Submission of life certificate extension thereof dated 18.11.2020
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    Grant of Dearness Relief to State Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners in pre-revised scale (5th Pay Commission) w.e.f. 1.7.2016 dated 28.08.2020
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