Treasury Related Instructions

    Treasury Related Instructions
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    Transfer Orders of Clerk through OTP dated 15.02.2024
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    Transfer Order of Assistants through OTP dated 13-2-2024
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    AST Promotion Order dated 08.02.2024
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    Choice filling of Station for OTP drive – SOs, Assistants and Clerks dated 05.02.2024
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    Instruction regarding registration of Govt. Establishments under the building and other construction workers welfare dated 01-02-24
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    Tentative list of Vacant Posts for Online Transfer Drive dated 25-01-2024
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    Instruction regarding online declaration of tentative savings and submission of proof by the pensioner (12BB form) dated 25.01.2024
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    Instruction regarding re-appropriation of fund request and submitting of bills in March 2024 dated 12.01.2024
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    Employee consent for verifying profile and merit points for Transfer Drive dated 05.01.2024
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    List of 902 candidates, where applications or its annexure or both are signed other than HoDs w.r.t. memo no TA-HR (19T)/2024/58 dated 02.01.2024
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    List of 239 candidates, where there are different type of shortcomings w.r.t. memo no TA-HR (19T)/2024/58 dated 02.01.2024
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    Haryana State Accounts Service Examination (HSAS) Part-I (OB) dated 02.01.2024
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    Implementation of Online Transfer Drive for the year 2024 dated 28.12.2023
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    Transfer Orders of Clerks through Online Transfer Orders (OTP) dated 02.11.2023
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    Transfer order of Assistant through OTP dated 17.10.2023
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    Choice filling of Station by employees for Online Transfer Drive – “Anywhere in the State Option- Assistant and Clerks (Treasury Cadre) dated 10.10.2023
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    Choice filling of station by Clerks n Assistants, Treasury Cadre dated 25.09.2023
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    Regarding formulation of District Level Committee for Grievances Redressal w.r.t Online Transfer Policy dated 18.09.2023
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    Submission of Digital Life Certificate through Face Authentication Technique using Android Smart phone dated 24.08.2023
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    Online Transfer Drive- All Clerks & Assistant (Treasury Cadre). dated 24.08.2023
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    मुख्या सचिव हरियाणा सरकार की हिदायतों दिनांक 11 07 2023 के अनुसार पदोन्नित में 3 प्रतिशत व 4 प्रतिशत दिव्यांगता का लाभ प्रदान करने बारे। 24.08.2023
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    Online Transfer Drive-Section Officers (SAS-OB Cadre) dated 28.07.2023.
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    Online Transfer Drive-Accounts Officer (SAS-OB Cadre) dated 28.07.2023.
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    Submission of Fresh Pension Cases through Online Diary Management System (ODMS) — Family ID (Parivar Pehchan Patra)
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    Choice filling of Station by employees for OTP Drive-S.O. (SAS-OB Cadre) and Clerks (Treasury Cadre)
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    Coverage under Punjab Civil Services (CSR) Vol. II, in place of new defined contributory pension scheme of those state government employees who were recruited against the post/vacancies advertised/ notified for recrutiment, on or before 28.10.2005.
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    Employee consent for participation in Online Transfer Drive – Clerks and Assistant (Treasury Cadre) dated 21.06.2023
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    सहायक के पद पर स्टनिंत्रण आधार पर नियुक्ति। dated 24.05.2023
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    Employee consent for re-verifying profile for Clerks and Assistants (Treasury Cadre) in the list enclosed dated 17.05.2023
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    Employee consent for re-verifying profile for Accounts Officers (SAS Cadre) in the list enclosed dated 17.05.2023
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    Employee consent for verifying profile and Merit Points for Transfer Drive (Section Officers and Accounts Officers (SAS Cadre), Clerks and Assistants (Treasury Cadre).
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    Regarding delegation of power for correction in the First name of UCP to Treasury Officer dated 29.03.2023
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    Gradation list of Assistant as on 31.07.2020
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    शकायक के पद पर शतानांतरण आधार पर नियुकित dated 29.03.2023
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    Opening of Treasury Banks till late night on 31.03.2023
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    Instructions regarding re-appropriation of fund request and submitting of bills in Treasury in month of March 2023.
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    Regarding Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Signature on Fly Solution using e-Token for IFMS, Haryana dated 10.02.2023
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    Click to download Aadhar Enable Bio-metric Attendance System Software dated 16.11.2022 Software Link
    Click here for training registration on NPS in online mode. Google Form Link
    Training on NPS in Online Mode.
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    Click for fill google form of Weekly Progress Report (WPR) of Treasury Officer/Assistant Treasury Officer. . Google Form Link
    Regarding implementation of Digitization of e-Vouchers for other kinds of bills (except salary bills) dated 25.07.2022
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    Regarding Updating data in e-Post dated 08.06.2022
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    Instruction regarding submission of Bills in State Treasuries
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    Workshop regarding implementation of HRMS on 16.06.2022
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    Implementation of ‘Create new Post’ module in e-Post sanctioning system dated 08.06.2022
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    Regarding Ambassador and Champion model for Nodal offices implementing National Pension System (NPS) in the State Government sector.
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    Opening of Treasury/Sub-Treasury on 02.06.2022.
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    Regarding Online submission of GPF Final Payment Cases involving claim by family members/nominee through Form PF-10 of GPF through existing Online Dairy Management System (O.D.M.S) dated 28.03.2022
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    Regarding operation of Minor Head 123 and 109 below Major Head-8443 through e-Billing system dated 25.02.2022
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