E-Billing Instructions

    e-billing Instructions
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    Regarding implementation of Digitization of e-Vouchers for other kinds of bills (except salary bills) dated 25.07.2022
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    Regarding operation of Minor Head 123 and 109 below Major Head-8443 through e-Billing system dated 25.02.2022
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    Instructions regarding re-appropriation of fund request and submitting of bills in Treasury in month of March, 2022 dated 01.02.2022
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    Dubious payments made buy the DDO (code 1221) O/o Executive Engineer, Public Health Department in Charkhidadri
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    Deduction of Interest against A.G.B.T. after 05/2017- Accounting of interest on Long Term Advances dated 05.03.2021
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    Regarding Digitalization of the receipt of License Fee of Chandigarh (UT) dated 22.12.2020
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    Regarding Digitalization of the receipt of License Fee of Chandigarh (UT) dated 10.12.2020
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    E-Salary User Manual
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    Regarding Aadhar and Mobile Number seeding in E-Billing dated 10-10-2016
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    Instruction regarding generation of E-TDS return file through E-Billing dated 07-09-2015
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    Training Workshop for generate e-TDS return file through E-Billing System dated 05-08-2015
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    Submission of Financial Assistance object code 079 dated 30-01-2013
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    Payment of contractual service, professional services, part time workers etc dated 30-11-2012
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    Withdrawal of salary in cases were PRAN, GPF is not allotted dated 30-11-2012
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    Online facility to employees in eSalary dated 20-09-2012
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    Instruction regarding e-salary 31-05-12
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    Withdrawal of salary in cases where PRAN is not allotted dated 28-05-12
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    Submission of DA arrear bills in treasury and sub treasury through eSalary System dated 27.4.2012
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    Implementation of eSalary system 12-4-2012
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    Implementation of eSalary system dated 03-04-2012
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    E-Salary related instruction dated 16-03-2012
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    Regarding passing of Salary bills of employees who have not allotted GPF and PRAN etc. dated 5.3.2012
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    Help line numbers for eSalary system
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    FAQs regarding E-Salary dated 01-03-2012
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    Regarding Implementation of E-Salary System in Haryana – Clerification thereof Dated 29-02-2012
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    E-Salary instructions dated 24-2-12
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    Implementation of eSalary system dated 13-02-2012
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    Regarding implementation of E-salary system dated 13-02-2012
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    Workshop Schedule in Distt Treasuries dated 31-01-2012
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    Letter for HODs regarding any useful Suggestions in E-Salary, Dated 24-01-2012
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    UCP enter Online instruction dated 24-01-2012
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    Uses of SWAN for e-Salary as well as Online Budget Allocation System Software, Dated 18-01-2012
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    Implementation of e-salary system, dated 17-01-2012
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    Implementation of e-salary System in all District Treasury, Dated 16-01-2012
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    Training Schedule in Distt. Treasuries Dated 04-01-2012
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    Letter for HODs regarding any useful Suggestions in E-Salary, Dated 29-12-2011
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    Implementation of e-Salary, Dated 08-12-2011
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    Instructions regarding UCP, Dated 25-11-2011
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    Implementation of e-Salary, Dated 25-10-2011
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    Instructions 1 regarding E-Salary dated 25-10-2011
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    Instructions regarding E-Salary dated 13-10-2011
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    Performa for DDO Register
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    Instructions regarding eSalary
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